Teulon Collegiate

Teulon Collegiate is a grade 7 to 12 school with a dedicated staff and exceptional student population. Despite being small in numbers, Teulon Collegiate offers many programs, allowing students to develop and excel in a wide variety of academic and extra-curricular activities.

For current information on our school and programs, please visit our website at www.isd21.mb.ca\tci

Fruitful Partnership Orchard Project

In 2012 the Town of Teulon and the Teulon Collegiate Green Team were successful in securing grant funding from Tree Canada to develop an orchard on the Teulon Collegiate grounds. This is a community orchard to be enjoyed by all members of both the school community and the Town. Fruit trees were planted near the school's greenhouse.

In 2015 the TCI Green Team was approached by Tree Canada to apply for additional funding to further develop the Fruitful Partnership Orchard. Again the application was successful and the group was awarded $4000 to do additional work on the project.

Due to the generosity of Northbridge Financial Corporation and their volunteers we were able to plant 23 more trees, purchase fencing to keep deer and quads out of the orchard, hoses and other necessary equipment to be able to maintain the Orchard. The Town of Teulon contributed in-kind contirbutions to the project in the form of compost, use of the bobcat, removal of old trees and delivery of the new trees.

Fruitful Partnership - Thank You