Snow Clearing

Public Works clears the snow from streets and sidewalks as soon as possible after significant snowfall events, and sanding of the streets occurs as conditions warrant.  Snow removal will be completed in the following order:

  • Priority #1 Routes (coloured Yellow)
  • Priority #2 Routes (coloured Green)
  • Priority #3 Routes (coloured Pink and Purple)
  • Priority Sanding (coloured Blue)

To ensure our roadways are maintained efficiently, please adhere to the following requirements:

  • Residents are asked to keep parked vehicles off of all Town streets until such time that streets can be cleared.  Plowing around vehicles does not allow for snow removal in a timely manner.  If there are too many vehicles parked on the street during snow removal, that street will be bypassed and the crew will return to plow it as time permits and vehicles are moved.  Vehicles that are not moved will be plowed in and snow removal around them will be at the owner’s expense.
  • Sidewalk plowing will occur simultaneously with street snow removal.  Do not park vehicles on driveways in such a way that they block any part of the sidewalk to ensure clear passage for the sidewalk plow.
  • Equipment operators need considerable space to maneuver. As a motorist or pedestrian, please ensure you stay back at least 15 metres (approximately three car lengths) from snow clearing and sanding equipment and make sure equipment operators are aware of you prior to crossing behind or near them.
  • Snow from private property must be removed from the site or stored on the property. Pushing or depositing snow from private property onto public roadways, sidewalks, boulevards, and/or ditches is not allowed.
  • Residents are responsible for ensuring their personal properties (ie. garbage bins, driveway markers and/or property signs, etc.) are not in the way of the snow clearing equipment or the overflow of the snow wake being removed.  Personal property should not be permanently affixed on municipal road allowances at any time.

The Town of Teulon thanks all residents for their cooperation!