Places of Worship

St Peter Lutheran Church
(204) 886-7220
47 Hwy 7N

Worship each Sunday at 9:30 am

New Life Baptist Church - Interim Pastor Henry Ozirney
(204) 886-3269
9018E Hwy 17E

Sunday Service 10:00 am, in person or livestream on Youtube

New Life Church Teulon

Teulon United Church
(204) 886-2382
80 Third Ave SE  

Sunday Hours   9:30 am - 10:30 am

                            11:15 am - 12:15 am

St. John Vianney Roman Catholic Church
(204) 467-9016
21 Fifth Ave SE
Christ the King Catholic Church in Stonewall

Sunday Mass Service - 11:30 am

Roman Catholic Parishes of the South Interlake


Norris Lake Cemetery

Norris Lake Cemetery was first started in 1907. The land was donated by Emil Johnson who had lost his son ( he was the first person buried there). Emil donated four acres of his land for the cemetery. It has been well maintained over the years. A dedication of the monument in honour of the pioneers of the area was unveiled in June 1999. Every year we have a service and lunch to honour our forefathers.

Contact: Joan Trombo 1-204-886-2098.

Norris Lake Pioneer Cemetery

In September 1898, homesteads were made available in Township 17, Range 1E north of Teulon in the Crescent Lake and Norris Lake areas. A large group of Scandinavian settlers made their way up the Colonization Road (now PTH#17) to claim 160 acre homesteads by paying a $10 fee. Others followed in 1899. Many of these settlers were carpenters, masons and brick layers, and they created the foundations of the Norris Lake settlement. Eventually many left for Winnipeg or elsewhere since they found it impossible to make a living on the land. A post office served the district from 1904 to 1925.

In 1904 a diphtheria epidemic swept through the district, taking the lives of many children. Medical attention was miles away in Teulon or Stonewall. One family lost 3 children and a father. The cemetery is located on NW 21-17-1E. The last burial that we are aware of was in 1923. A plaque was dedicated in 2004 to all these pioneers who endured great hardship to tame a wilderness.

Windsor Cemetery

For information about Windsor Cemetery, located on Road 91N contact the RM of Rockwood at or by phone at (204) 467-2272.