Teulon-Rockwood Fire Department

The Teulon-Rockwood Fire Department services the area north of Teulon to Provincial Road #229 (south side) and south to Road 85N which is just south to a half mile north of Road 85N and the Town of Teulon. Currently the Department has a full complement of 23 firefighters.

Firefighters must undergo 100 hours of vigorous training to become a firefighter with the Teulon-Rockwood Fire Department. The department offers continuous training to its members to ensure they are best able to handle any situation that may arise. Members have also participated in fire rescue training as well as ground search and rescue training. The department currently has 4 members who have First Responders training as well.

The Fire Department offers Public Education to the schools in Town as well they go to Day Cares, and the Senior Homes providing them with fire safety information.

The Firefighter’s Ball held in April of each year is a fundraising event hosted by the Firefighter’s Association. Funds raised are used to purchase specialized equipment such as Jaws of Life, a thermal imaging camera and equipment to be used in bush/grass fires such as quads to name a few.

Fire Prevention Week occurs annually in October. The Department hosts an Open House at the Fire Hall for residents to drop by and see some demonstrations on fire safety, equipment displays or you can go for a ride in a fire truck!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Teulon-Rockwood Fire Department, please contact our Fire Chief Ryan Trombo and he will provide you with all the information you will need.

Please support our local Fire Department!